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PADI IDC - CDC in Phuket Thailand - Why Dive Asia?

Seventeen Good Reasons

Candidate Centered IDC

Special IE Option for CDCs

Not all IDCs are the same



Why PADI Instructor Training with Dive Asia?

Seventeen good reasons

  1. To accommodate our IDC candidates, Dive Asia and its three Course Directors provide dedicated Instructor Training in English, German and Japanese together with language assistance and an efficient International Job Placement Service.
  2. Since 1996 Dive Asia's candidates have consistently achieved the best I.E. pass rates in Thailand, with scores well above the average.
  3. Dive Asia's IDC/CDC Training Programs are well-proven and well-tested in the field with more than 40 successful IDCs conducted during the past five years, resulting in more than 500 Instructor Certifications throughout South East Asia. Nothing substitutes experience when it comes to diving!
  4. We have received both PADI's "Recognition for Excellence" and “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development” awards as the only IDC/CDC Center worldwide.
  5. A number of our past candidates have moved on to successful careers as dive center owners, managers and PADI Course Directors.
  6. Your entire instructor training takes place at Dive Asia’s new PADI CDC Instructor Training Center in Kata, Phuket. Dive Asia’s Career Development Center has been honored by PADI to be among the first facilities to be awarded the PADI 5-Star Career Development Center (CDC) designation in South East Asia. Dive Asia is the first and only CDC on Phuket.
  7. Dive Asia guarantees that it's IDC Candidates get a one-step-ahead career start, maximizing their opportunities in the diving industry. Dive Asia was the first IDC/CDC in South East Asia begin using the new PADI Open Water, Adventure Program, Rescue Diver, Experience Program & Divemaster Course outlines and training materials for instructor training.
  8. Dive Asia was also the first IDC/CDC to introduce Nitrox & Rebreather Instructor Training to Phuket IDCs.
  9. Dive Asia was the first IDC/CDC to introduce the new IDC 2001 curriculum to Phuket IDCs March 2001!
  10. Our new CDC Instructor Training Center provides instructor candidates with every possible convenience – candidate accommodation in nice twin-share rooms, 20 x 20 meter swimming pool especially designed for dive training, spacious classrooms, air fills, nitrox, rebreathers, showers, change rooms and a poolside restaurant. Our training center is located on a small hilltop overlooking Kata Beach and is Phuket’s first and only dedicated instructor-training facility.
  11. Free accommodation at our training center, in nice twin-share rooms with bath, is included during the IDC for ALL candidates. Daily breakfast and lunch at our poolside restaurant are also included throughout the IDC.
  12. Our relaxed, low stress nine-day IDC program (basic IDCs are only 7-8 days) is performance based and conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, where the main focus is on training professional diving instructors, not just on how to pass the I.E.
  13. Major parts of a standard IDC preparation course are already integrated with our IDC program, at no extra cost to the candidate.
  14. Our special I.E. pass-guarantee is free, without any conditions: In the very unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in the IE we will pay for your second IDC with us, including your accommodations, breakfast and lunch!
  15. Tanks, weights and transfers are provided during the IDC, IE and all pre/post IDC training courses.
  16. Your Course Director is present throughout your Instructor Examination.
  17. We have the best price, best value and best quality instructor packages on the market for all certification levels from all diving organizations.

dive-asia Thailand diving

Candidate Centered IDCs

  • Our IDC emphasizes the importance of peer cooperation and encourages team spirit, one of the single most important factors behind a successful future as a diving professional.Phuket's first PADI Career Development Center

  • The IDC-Staff's pledge is that you get the absolute best possible support and back-up during the IDC, making it an efficient and enjoyable experience. In this relaxed and well-tutored environment you will benefit immensely from our program. To pursue our goal, we limit the candidate/staff ratio to 4:1, although PADI IDC Standards allow a ratio as high as 8:1.

  • Our IDC Staff is available for questions and assistance when preparing home assignments, presentations and general considerations. This is a unique part of our program.

  • We also know the importance of having IDC Staff Instructors speaking your first language and available to clarify language related questions, if needed.

  • All of the instructor training center facilities are available to you throughout the IDC, including computers, TVs, video machines, whiteboards, slide projectors, our complete and updated PADI library, PADI materials, videos etc.

  • During the IDC we include several additional staff and candidate presentations. Our experience tells us that what you actually need to become successful, both during the IE and more importantly later out in the field, are extra knowledge development and open water candidate teaching presentations, open water control workshops and additional water skills practice.

  • Extra Workshops in your IDC include: Rescue, Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent, Hovering, Buddy Breathing and how to control large groups of students when conditions are less than favorable.

  • Optional presentations include: Positive Approach Selling and Career Tracking Tips for the Diving Professional.

It all adds to a perfect IDC learning environment! By providing an above average service and support, we ensure that you can concentrate fully on your IDC, turning you into a successful PADI Instructor!

dive-asia Thailand diving

Special IE option for CDCs

Candidates enrolled in five pre-and/or post-IDC courses (Pre-study, MFAI, Specialties etc.) OR candidates of a six-week career development program who successfully complete a PADI IDC, conducted by the CDC, may attend a PADI IE if they have been certified divers for at least six months, have logged 60 dives and are certified PADI Assistant Instructors (the AI course is part of the new IDC).

CDC candidates who successfully complete an IE and subsequently meet the 100-logged-dive certification requirement will be certified as PADI Instructors when their paperwork has been processed by PADI.

dive-asia Thailand diving

Not all IDCs are the same!

It all comes down to the right Course Director and CDC/IDC Center. As a quality oriented IDC Candidate you should ask your Course Director the following questions:

  • How many Instructors have been trained?
  • What are the IE pass rates?
  • Is there a realistic IE pass guarantee without conditions?
  • Are IDCs conducted at a PADI CDC - Career Development Center?
  • Is a well-proven and well-tested program offered?
  • Are survey results from former IDC candidate questionnaires available?
  • Is a basic IDC (7-8 days) offered or expanded career-oriented program?
  • Is there a realistic Job Placement service in place?
  • How many Course Director candidates have been trained?
  • Prior experience as an Instructor of CDCs?
  • What is the duration of IDC (most basic IDCs are conducted over 7-8 days)?
  • Enriched Air (NITROX) Instructor Trainer experience?
  • Rebreather Instructor Trainer experience?
  • DAN Oxygen Instructor Trainer experience?
  • Is a IDC in your language available?
  • IDC Staff Experience level?
  • Special "How to prepare for the IDC" pamphlet and consultations, at no extra cost?
  • Special recommendation letter for each individual IDC Candidate?
  • Personal "one-on-one" career consultations upon completion of IDC/IE?
  • Experience training Instructors at different locations and countries?

dive-asia Thailand diving


A positive response to the above questions is your guarantee of being taught by a well-qualified Course Director and ensures that you get a quality IDC.

You may find basic IDCs available, but do they focus on your future success as a professional diving instructor? These IDCs only attempt to prepare you to pass the IE.

Remember: The bitterness of reduced quality remains much longer than the sweetness of a lower price. You are investing in a career, not only in advice on how to pass a test. The real test takes place in the field after the IE. That's the kind of test our program prepares you for.

dive-asia Thailand diving

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