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TEC Diving in Phuket Thailand

What is TEC Diving?
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Technical diving is a form of Scuba diving that exceeds the scope of conventional recreational diving, going beyond the No-Decompression Limits or Maximum Depths. Technical dives require advanced training, experience, specialized equipment and often a specific mix/blend of breathing gas. Additional training is essential to perform technical dives safely. Deep diving, Wreck diving, Cave diving and rebreather diving are some of the special interests encompassed under the term Technical diving.

Tec Diving with Dive Asia
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Dive Asia is determined/committed to offering you the best and safest dive training possible on all levels. For this reason we have partnered with Pro Tech Dive College to offer you not only all levels of PADI and DSAT Tec courses but also the whole range of TDI diving courses not offered by PADI and DSAT. You can now train with us from beginner all the way to Full Cave diver or TDI Advanced Trimix Diver while using either open circuit dive equipment or some of the most advanced rebreathers available. All under one roof and under the close guidance of Mathew Partridge and Max Berent from Pro Tech Dive College.

TEC Diving Courses
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Introductory Technical Diving Levels
From Beginner to Intermediate, in these courses are foundational skills required for technical diving. Here you will learn about the basics of planning, equipment configurations and conducting technical dives as well as the proper emergency and bailout procedures to make these types of dives as safe as possible.
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Advanced Technical Diving Levels
For entry level technical divers looking to extend their limits and progress, a number of courses exist that build upon the foundational skill sets, these include mixed gas, advanced wreck, closed circuit rebreathers. Developing skills gradually and learning an individual’s personal limits are essential for those looking to go beyond

Specialty Technical Diving Levels
Diving in certain environments or conditions sometimes calls for special requirements and/or equipment. With these courses divers can acquire the necessary skills to perform these dives. Wether you want to dive in an overhead environment, blend your own gases or provide technical rescue to a fellow diver, these courses will provide you all the necessary tools for your future diving.

A good way to start is the PADIs Enriched Air Nitrox Course. Nitrox Diving uses normal air enriched with additional Oxygen. For this reason, Nitrox Diving is often also called ENRICHED AIR Diving. This opens up new and exiting possibilities for divers and has many benefits such as:

  • Safer dives, due to reduced nitrogen content,
  • Longer dives, since your no-decompression limit is greatly extended,
  • No time-limit diving becomes a real possibility, because less nitrogen means less danger of nitrogen saturation during repetitive dives, You feel better - many divers report less physical tiredness after repetitive dives using Nitrox compared to diving with normal air,
You will find more extensive information in the introduction for Nitrox Diving.

Nitrox Diving provides many advantages compared to diving with air. Used properly, it is considered as safe as diving with normal compressed air. Nitrox Diving requires specialized training to accommodate for safety considerations not normally associated with recreational air diving. 

PADIs Enriched Air Nitrox and DSAT Gas Blender courses address these concerns and teaches the diver how to benefit the most by diving with Nitrox and to safely mix Nitrox.

In addition, the PADI instructor courses Enriched Air Nitrox and DSAT Gas Blender teaches the PADI Instructor how to successfully organize, plan and market Nitrox and Gas Blender training for recreational divers.

As a certified Nitrox Diver, you can enjoy Nitrox Diving on liveaboard cruises and day trips, adding a new dimension to your diving adventures.

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