Question 4, Dive Asia June Dive Quiz, 4th of June 2010:

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Today's question: King Cruiser became one of Phuket’s most famous dive spots after her sinking on:

A: 03 November 2000
B: 12 February 1996
C: 01 August 1999
D: 04 May 1997

send your answer to The Winner will be announced, tomorrow 5th of June at 12:00 noon Thailand time, just before we post the next question.

The Correct Answer of June 3rd Quiz: C, Boyle’s Law. And the Winner is: Marcus Krüger from Ellerhoop/Germany, Congratulations on entering the final on July 1st.


Reiner Jetses, Hindenburgstr.17a, 27751 Delmenhorst said:

The answer is D

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