Final Question No. 30, Dive Asia June Quiz, 30th of June 2010:

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To choose the last Question was very though. We choose Questions from various PADI Exams, diving history and some were locally related - but not about Dive Aisa - so I dedicated the last and final question to our great Staff.

The final question: Who is the Man in the picture below:

A: Chris
B: Lann
C: Dani
D: Marcello

Send your answer to or post it here. The Winner will be announced, tomorrow 1st of July at 12:00 noon Thailand time, just before we draw the four lucky winners.

The Correct Answer of June 29th Quiz is: A: Ted Nixon. Today's Winner is Christa Himmelmann from Germany. Congratulations on entering the final Lucky Draw on July 1st.

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